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I’m frustrated

Is there any software (free) that could recognize my Alesis NITRO mesh kit only by connecting it to the PC by USB?

Sorry for my inexperience...I tried to use programs like ProTools first, Audacity or Reaper, for instance, but none of them recognize the USB entrance and neither the drum kit. Then, I tried the "Melodics" software which is offered to the customers in the Alesis website, and it runs automatically and perfectly, only by connecting the USB, it recognizes every pad.
I would like to know if there is free software which could be used with this KIT to listen and record the audios.
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  • Hello, Ain

    Thanks for posting! 

    If you want to record the Audio from this kit, you would have to get an Audio interface :) You need to connect the outputs from the module to the inputs of the interface. Once the interface is connected to your computer Audacity or Pro Tools First should recognize the device, open an Audio track and you should see some input coming in from your module.

    This module will not put out an audio signal via USB, just MIDI information which is why it syncs to Melodics with no issue. 

    Here is a link to an interface that we offer from one of our sister companies:
    Hope this helps! 
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