Issues with DM10 kick volume

I have an acoustic kit that I've converted to electronic with mesh heads, a DM10 brain, and DDrum triggers.

I'm having an issue, even after resetting the brain to factory default. The issue here is that the kick drum volume is 10% the volume of every other pad when 'kick' is selected as the sound. It doesn't matter which 2 (A, B) 'kick' instruments I select. If I switch the cable to another input, like the top row percussion sounds, the volume is NORMAL when a crash or other sound is selected, but for some reason, I cannot change that trigger's sound to 'kick'. I've tried changing the velocity, and the fader on the DM10 is pushed up to max.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I've never updated the DM10, and I don't remember having this issue until recently. I've already replaced every cable, and again, the kick triggers other sounds normally and with a reasonable volume.

Thank you!
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