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Kick-drum pedal adjustments

I'm a beginner, and my Nitro kit is my first exposure to drumming. So it took me a little while to realize that my kick drum pedal needed some significant adjustment. The main thing was that the spring tension was way too low for me, out of the box. I found some good videos on line on kick-pedal adjustments, and adjusted the spring tension quite a bit higher, and also made some more minor adjustments to the beater angle and length. Basically so that the pedal supports my foot more, when "idle", and also to have a better feel, in general. One other thing I also noted was a couple of recommendations in various videos to use the hard-plastic face of the beater on an e-drum pad, versus the felt face, at least if the plastic face didn't have any sharp or rough edges. The implication was that the smooth plastic would wear down the rubber sensor pad a lot less. (Similar to the suggestion that it is better to use nylon-tipped drumsticks.) So, I'm going to reverse the beater, so that it is the plastic side being used. Anyway, I thought I'd mention this.
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