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Kick volume is low after updating my firmware

I did a firmware update for my DM10x to add a ProX hi-hat, and now my kick isn't working. The trigger sensitivity appears to be nonexistant, and when triggered (stomping hard enough to trigger most of the set OR using a different drum) the kick volume is 1/10th of where it should be. Changing trigger and volume settings do nothing. My set is now useless - what can I do????Also - the trigger initialization menu doesn't work as per the hi-hat manual. When initializing, the EXEC button is f1 instead of f4, and when you push it, there is no "are you sure" question, you are immediately bounced out into the regular drum menu. Did it initialize? Who knows??
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. Sorry you're having issues. 

    Have you tried lowering the Threshold value of the Hi-Hat?

    Make sure that you've also selected the correct trigger settings on your module:

    1. Power on your DM10 module.
    2. Press the Utility button.
    3. In the screen that appears pres Sys (F4).
    4. On the next screen, press Init (F2). (The bottom of this screen will always say DM10 Studio Triggers regardless of which Trigger Settings are currently selected.)
    5. Use the Cursor Down button to highlight the DM10 Studio Triggers setting.
    6. Use the Value/Tempo knob to select the DM10 X Kit Triggers setting.
    7. Press Exec (F4) to confirm your selection.
    8. You will receive the following message: Are you sure? Initialize all trigger settings? Choose Yes (F1).
    9. Press the Drum Kit button to return to the main screen.
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