I’m confused and frustrated.

Level A and B instrument. Huh? Wha? Duh?

I have a DM10 Studio Kit! Overall I am quite pleased with it! I solved the sensitivity issues, the cross talk issues, The Pro X Hi-Hat issues, The Assignment Issues and the Choke Issues! Even have my favorite kit: # 6 - That wood sucker! My Style! I even have the manual etc... for the DM10! Now to my question:

Can somebody out there explain the AB thing? Not on the Mixer - on the instruments! manual or no I am clueless as to what they are talking about with this. I see it, just do not have a clue what it does and how to use what it do!

Please!.... Somebody!.... Anybody... Step by step, preferably; with an example or two, un-confuse me! TYVM in advance.
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