loading a Syx file to QS8.2

how do you load the factory syx file? I have a m-audio UNO and the syx file that I downloaded from Alesis for my QS8.2 and I have no idea what to do with this file. It's gotta get loaded to my keyboard, but how? I've got all the manuals and I can't find this in any of them.
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  • Nevermind, figured it out. For those that might need it-
    download the syx file from Alesis.
    Connect your USB in and out to your computer.
    Open Sonar or another DAW program.
    Go into the Options and make sure your midi path is recognized.
    Mine was M-Audio UNO.
    Then go to the SYX view in Sonar and import the syx file from Alesis.
    Then there's a button to upload it to the keyboard.
    Hit that button and the keyboard takes over and loads the file.
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