Loopy HD on iPad with Alesis iO Mix 4-channel dock

Why can't I get the loopy HD app to work with my Alesis iO mix 4 channel? The Alesis works ok as a stand alone PA mixer, but has little effect on my iPad 3. My iPad doesn't seem to recognize the Alesis iO mix dock... except maybe as a battery charger.
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  • Hello Winko,

    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help. The iPad 3 does support the iO Mix. The iO Mix is made for the:

    * iPad (4th generation)
    * iPad (3rd generation)
    * iPad 2
    * iPad

    You can always check under Settings > General > About to check if your iO Mix is connected to your iPad. If your iPad is charging, then it is connected to it. You should use a compatible Core Audio app such as GarageBand for support and compatibility with your iO Mix. The iO Mix is Core Audio-compliant.
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