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I’m thankful

Love the VI61!

Bought my first VI61 for live us in March last year. Today I bought my 3rd, can't even begin to explain how much I love this thing. Got one at home, one at the rehearsal space, and now the 3rd one for our touring rig. The editor software makes it really easy to load the same midi presets on all of the 3 controllers, so I can edit some stuff at home to use during rehearsals or live shows without hassle.

The 48 buttons are a dream in Ableton, perfect to launch clips or change instruments. I got my laptop on the side of the stage because every control I need is right beneath my fingertips. Lots of possibilities, you can go really deep with the controls. Needs some time to set up at home or at rehearsals, but I can have everything the way I want to and fits my workflow. At less than 300 bucks this is a true steal. Probably going to buy a few more as back up, since I love this thing so much and they're SO cheap.

Love the aesthetics of it too. I put a strip of white gaffertape under every row of 16 knobs to use as scribble strips. I don't need no fancy OLED displays or automatic mapping at all when playing live. Customisation is key, and you guys delivered!