Low response from hi-hat on DM7X Kit.

Is the hi-hat pad on the dm7x kit suppose to be the same part as the cymbal pads? All four of the cymbal pads that came with my kit are labeled "10 Inch Cymbal with Choke". All of the pads have stereo jacks, but the plug on the hi-hat cable is mono. I am getting almost no response when the mono hi-hat cable is plugged into any of the cymbal pads. I have to strike the pad quite forcefully into a less than 2"x2" area near the center of the pad to get any response, and then it is still a bit muted. I am thinking that I am losing signal in the stereo/mono connection. Does this sound right or is something else probably going on? The pedal is plugged in and appears to be functioning properly.

"DM7 USB Kit" is the closest selection I saw to check under the Related Product / Service when posting the question, but I don't think that is exactly right. It is the DM7X kit with 4 toms 3 cymbals, hi-hat, snare, and stealth kick.
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