I’m frustrated

Melodics and Strike Kit


Posting here in the hope the Alesis Strike team/community can help, and that there is a Melodics offer for Strike Kit on the Alesis web site. It may be a Melodics issue.

I am having no success in getting the Strike Kit and Melodics working together.

I am running a MS Surface (WIN10) with a USB connection to the Strike Kit.

Melodics updated today (09FEB2019).

Strike Kit Firmware version 1.40.

Melodics identifies the Strike Kit, maps the devices through 'Settings'.

Play a lesson and nothing doing. Adjusted latency in Settings. Still no joy.

Mashed every instrument (kick, HH, snare, etc) still nothing doing.

I have changed USB leads, adjusted USB device settings for the Strike Kit (detected in the OS). Tested on a Macbook Air and no joy.

Any advice beyond the above on making Melodics work with the Strike Kit? There is hardly any useful information on any of the the forums or FAQs.

Thanks if you can assist.
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