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I’m frustrated.

Mic Being Muffled when Music is Played over skype, music not being heard by receiver of call.

This is a new Problem. Occaisionally, the other person can't hear music? Restart skype. Okay were good.
Today, this happened.
My boss Called his Co-Host.
Nothing was changed on the Mixboard than usual, and same computer settings wise.
The Co Host could NOT hear the music, and says (later confirmed) that he cannot hear the music, and that My Boss' voice was muffled, cutting in and out, etc, when the music was played. Otherwise it was fine.
We play music with Windows Media Player. We Have the latest version of skype and we run Windows 10.
As for the mixer, we have an Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX .... 8 Channel Mixer / USB recording interface.
Pictures of our setup can be provided if needed. I stress that we haven't messed with any "normal" settings, both mixer and computer wise.
We tried plugging it in to a different USB port, as well as restarting both it and the computer, etc.
Help, Please?
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