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Microphone and Headphone problem while using Alesis Multimix 4 USB FX

Hello, I have purchased Alesis Multimix 4 USB FX and I have one problem while using. The problem is I have XLR microphone connect and Headphones as well. While playing games and talking with friends on discord others can hear my gaming sounds. Is there any solution to solve that problem because I like to listen to music loud and using this multmixer it allows me to do it.
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  • Hello, Extrimgodx

    Thanks for posting! 

    If you are listening to the output of your gaming system, is that running through the mixer? How are you listening to your music and gaming system at the same time? If you don't have your gaming system running the mixer, your microphone might be very sensitive which is why it's picking up your gaming sounds. Please list out the details of your setup for additional information. :)

    Hope this helps! 
    • Hello, I have Audio Technica AT 2020 Microphone and connected with an XLR cable to 1st line. I have Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Studio 250 Ohm and connected to the Phones line. To have the sound for my Headphones I push EXT/USB to main. I know that if I connect to my headphones to the computer it will work fine without any issue. I just want to listen to my music/game sound through Multimixer and have connected microphone as well.
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