Missing tutorial on how to create your own hi hat sounds on the Alesis Strike module.

I am trying to use a set of sound files I purchased to create my own hi hat. I have been able to create many different cymbals, drums, and percussion sounds with the instrument creator and Strike software with little to no issues. I can't seem to figure out how to create the three different sounds that have to be assigned to the hi hat using the software. When you create a hi hat, you have an closed, open, and up to 3 settings for semi-open, all of which have to fall in the 0-127 dynamic range. This is where I am getting lost. I would think there would be different sound files for closed, open, and semi-open stages, so it appears to me that I need to be able to assign different sets of sound files using the auto-mapping feature to different stages of the hi hat. I don't understand how to do this. The manual doesn't appear to me to go far enough, and the tutorial videos released mention that this will be a future video (they have been awesome otherwise). Can anyone help?
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  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Follow these steps below to assign your samples in a kit:

    1) Press Kit to show the Kit menu, and select a kit. 
    2) After selecting a kit, select a trigger. If the Note Chase button is off, press it so it turns on, then strike the desired zone of the trigger (drum or cymbal pad.)
    3) Press Voice and then press F4/Inst.
    4) Press F1/Layer A or F2/Layer B to select the desired layer. 
    5) Press F3/Preset to select an instrument from the Strike module's internal instrument library or F4/User to select an instrument from your SD card. If you've saved your samples in Sample Edit mode, they'll be on your SD card.
    6) Use the cursors to select the left panel. Turn the data dial to scroll through the list and select one. 
    7) Use the cursors to select the right panel--the instruments in that category. Turn the data dial to scroll through the list to select one. 

    To assign other instruments, use the cursors to select the Trig field in the upper-right corner, and turn the data dial to select the desired zone of a trigger. Alternatively, if Note Chase is on, strike the desired zone of the trigger. Repeat steps 4-5 to assign a new instrument.

    Note: ´╗┐Each kit can use up to 200 MB of samples. The Memory Used meter indicates how much space you are using of that total capacity.
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