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Mulitmix 8 firewire support for OS X el capitan

I have the Alesis Mulitmix Firewire 8 mixer and OS X el capitan for Mac. The mixer is not listed in the "Not Yet Supported" list and isn't in the "Supported" list either. When will there be support for this interface with el capitan? This is my primary audio interface and cannot do much without the support.
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    Please stay tuned to the following link for future information on driver support. This is all the current information that we have regarding driver support and its ETA. Your mixer is a discontinued legacy product at this point so we mainly concentrate on getting our current line of products drivers supported first.

    As always, as this doesn't just go for our hardware but other USB audio devices, if you are doing critical production work or are actively performing with your system, it is strongly recommended that you always refrain from updating to the next operating system update until the manufacturer has provided updates that insure new operating system compatibility.
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