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MultiMix 12R Suggestion

Your MultiMix 12R makes for a really nice, compact, all analog solution for a simple onstage in-ear monitor mixer (i.e. using a splitter to send channels to the FOH mixer and to the onstage monitor mixer). We figured out how to get 3 separate mono monitor mixes by setting the faders to unity and using the pan knob to control the third mono monitor mix off one channel of the main ouputs without impacting Aux2. It would be great to see a monitor-only version of this mixer that replaced the sliders and pan with an Aux 3 and Aux 4 and added a midrange EQ frequency and level knob for each channel. This would allow for a very compact, all analog 4 person monitor mixer (or 3 monitor mixes and use one Aux for an FX Send and then just use a regular channel for FX Return). If you got rid of the sliders it seems like to could do 2 knob wide channel strips and keep everything in 3U. For those that want to stay analog this would be a great solution......
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