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MultiMix 6 USB not recognized in Lion

MultiMix 6 USB, não é reconhecida no Lion, gostaria de algum tipo de ajuda, funciona de forma perfeita no Windows 10, gostaria de alguma ajuda, vocês do suporte conhecem algum problema parecido? No primeiro contato não fui atendido, continuo aguardando.
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    MultiMix 6 USB, is not recognized in Lion, would like some help, works perfectly in Windows 10, would you like some help, do you guys know of a similar problem? At the first contact I was not answered, I'm still waiting.

    Hello Vinicius,

    Thanks for posting. Next time, please use Google Translate to translate your message before posting. 

    The MultiMix 6 USB is class-compliant, so it will work with virtually any operating system without a driver. How did you determine that your module is not being recognized by your Mac? Can you please provide me with some more information?
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