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MultiMix4 USB FX - Where is 'Unity' on the Channel Volume Control?

On the MultiMix 4 USB FX unit, the Channel Volume knobs show '-infinity' to '+10dB scale ... but no where can I see what position the knob should be in to achieve a untiy signal.

Unity meaning where the signal is not being boosted or attenuated at all, and just passing through whatever is being sent by the preamp's output (adjusted with the Gain knob).

This is important to know for proper gain staging and input gain adjustment. I understand there is a 'Peak' LED, but this doesn't provide much in the way of understanding the signal level, or if it's peaking at the input, or at the preamp's output before the Channel Volume adjustment.

I'd like to set the Channel Volume to unity, then watch the LED meter and adjust the input gain so I know exactly what signal strength is coming in.

Please help in explaining the scale of the Channel volume knobs. Where is unity, or what are the indications of the tick marks.

I suppose a similar explanation of the 'Gain' knob's tick marks would be helpful as well.
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