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I’m frustrated.

My Alesis Strike Pro experience!

I'm a proud owner of a Alesis Strike Pro for just over a year and a half now. I've had a love hate relationship with this Kit just with many on this forum.

I understand for some users the Strike is rubbish and to a point I support the observation. I like to share what I like and don't like in a hope others may find something small from it.

What I LIKE.

1. Price, the Roland and Yamaha Pro range kits are far too expensive. Alesis product I've had prior have been reliable. My DM5 module and Quadraverb.

2. The Strike looked like a real kit with drum shells chrome rack, they feel and play far better the some of the early mesh head kits. Sparkly Bling!

3. The Strike module sounded great.
I have a Yamaha DTXIIs module and did have a DTXpress III module before moving it on. The Strike's a clear winner in sound and sample quality in my mind.

4. The Editor is what I like the most. At least Alesis had the vision to develop a editor for allowing custom setups and kit loading. One reason why I disliked the Yamaha DTX Extreme III no editors!! WTF!


1. The Chrome rack is flimsy and difficult to assemble by oneself.

2. The drum heads are problematic. I'm on my 3rd Snare. Previous two lost sensitivity and become useless. Quickly replaced from supplier. I'm more than certain the 3rd end up the same as the other two?

3.Lack of features one would expect on a high end module. One which had been on my radar. No effects on individual out sends.

4. I don't use any of the Cymbals or hi hat. These are rubbish and I've gone back to using real cymbals since like many the hi-hat issue and cymbals stop working show stoppers for live work. I have mine for sale if anyone likes to purchase? Victoria Australia.

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