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Need help transferring music out of ADAT HD 24 and into either a windows 7 laptop, and new MacBook or onto a newer compatible hard drive

Can I transfer my music out of the ADAT HD 24 and in to my computer? I have both a Windows 7 run laptop and a brand new MacBook. I'm using really old, outdated Western Digital 3.5" PATA EIDE hard drive and the docking stations I"ve tried won't read old WR hard drives. Is there a way to play directly out of the ADAT HD 24 and either into one of my computers or onto another more modern hard drive? Thanks
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  • Hello, Timothy 

    Thanks for posting! 

    Given the age of this product, there is not much information regarding the export of the ADAT HD24 however, I was able to find an article on Sweetwaters web site that may help you out

    We have also seen some customers have success with the HD24 Tools: 

    Maybe some other forum members can chime in with some additional steps.

    Hope this helps! 
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