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Need help with metronome tempo on Alesis Recital.

So usually, on the default settings, the Alesis Recital's metronome plays at 120 bpm at what I assume is a 4/4 time signature. So it plays 1 ding and 3 ticks and repeats, with a total of 4 beats. When I try to set the tempo to 60 bpm, instead of playing 4 beats slower, it plays 9 beats at the same speed as the default for some reason. Anyone know how I could make the metronome play at 60 bpm?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Have you tried performing a factory reset on your keyboard? To restore your Recital to the factory default settings, hold the Reverb and Chorus buttons while powering on the Recital. 

    After you've performed the reset, follow these steps below to set the tempo of your metronome:

    1) Press the Metronome and Lesson buttons at the same time to enter the Advanced Function mode. The two button LEDs will be lit. 
    2) Use the keys marked Tempo + or Tempo - to adjust the tempo value. If you press both keys at the same time, the metronome will be restored to the default tempo of 120.
    3) You can also use the keys marked Tempo 0-9 to set the tempo value. You will need to press 3 keys total to enter the tempo value using these keys. Alternatively, you may tap the key marked Tap to get the desired tempo. The piano will start the metronome sound at the speed of the last two presets. 
    4) Press both the Metronome and Lesson buttons again to exit Advanced Function Mode. 

    I hope this helps!
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  • The manual I have, on page 6, has the mapping of keys to the different settings.
    If you start counting from left to right, the "first C" is C0, C# isn't anything, so then D is D0, all the way up to G0, after that, you get to C1.
    Now, follow that mapping, to solve the original question, after getting into advance mode, (how many beats you will hear)
    0 starts at F#3
    A3 == 4 beats, which is the default.

    Now, if you want to adjust the bpm, the default is 120, let's say you want 60 (which has to be 060), you do:

    "D5" == 0
    G#5 == 6
    "D5" == 0

    and then press the metronome and lessons keys at the same time to get out of advance mode
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