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Need to split a QS8. The manual is not too clear

I need step by step instructions. a simple base and keyboard.
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  • Hi Juan,

    Thanks for posting about your legacy QS8. Please keep in mind that support for legacy products is limited, as we mainly support our current, in-line products. 

    You can follow these steps below to split the keyboard:

    1) Press the MIX button to get into Mix Mode. 
    2) Select a Mix that has a split.
    3) Press Page> to select the first Mix channel.
    4) Select the program for the lower half of the split using the numbered buttons. 
    5) Press Page> to select the second mix channel. 
    6) Select the program for the upper half of the split. 
    7) If you want to store this Mix, hit the Store button, select a user mix destination, and hit Store again. 

    I hope this helps!
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