Need help getting the m1 active 520usb to work in protools 10

I just purchased the alesis m1 active 520usb speakers. I cant get them to work in pro tools 10 with the usb cable...which is the reason I bought them! It doesn't seem to be working with asio4all. How do I get these to work in pro tools? Thanks for any replies.
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    Thanks for posting. I would like to help you out. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Sound. (If you don’t see Sound, select Switch to Classic View, and the Sound Control Panel should become available.) Click the Playback tab and select USB Audio Codec* as the default device. (To enable recording through the M1Active 520 USB's 1/4" TRS INPUTS, click the Recording tab and select USB Audio Codec* as the default device.**) Lastly, Click OK. In your DAW, select" USB AUDIO Codec" as your OUTPUT Device.
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