footswitch with SR18

I may be asking this question improperly but here goes. I play in trio. We recently pruchased the SR18 drum machine. We want to prerecord the drums to each of our songs so that we can just start and stop the machine while playing live. I am a bass player but have been a musician for 35+ years.

Is there a way (using the preset patterns and fills) to start and stop the drums for say a count of four (for the sake of this example) and then resart the drum pattern playing again and the first count of the next bar? I may not be sayin this correctly and if anyone can give me some help, it would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking that I might have to program my own patterns and then string them together so as to achieve what I want, but the user manual and the reference manual does not really explain things very well when it comes to using user patterns and recording them into a song. Thanks for any and all help.
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