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New DM10x Mesh - Tom2 plays Crash 2 sound

Brand new kit so a bit frustrating. I don't believe this is a trigger / xtalk issue, but something with the DM10 module. When I hit the Tom2 rim, I correctly trigger the Tom2 rim sound. However, when I hit Tom2 in the centre it triggers Crash2. When I disconnect the cable at the Crash2 end I still have the same issue. If I disconnect Crash2 at the module end, Tom2 plays correctly. This is happening when playing as lightly as possible with fingers.
If I unplug Tom2 and use my finger to trigger the main drum by touching the end of the plug, I still have the issue. Indicates this is not xtalk as there are no vibrations involved and I'm listening on headphones.
Even if all I plug into the Perc2 input on the back of the DM10 unit is a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter I get the issue, and if I leave that input unused, I don't get the issue.
I've updated to DM10 Firmware Updates 09222014 but still have the issue.
Seems to me this is more likely a mechanical issue with the inputs at the DM10 module or the pcb etc..
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