I’m angry and disappointed

New io2 express bad out of box... caused me to give up trying to record!

I bought the Alesis io2 Express at Guitar Center in 2012 and was motivated to start recording my own guitar/voice songs. I was a newbie so I expected some difficulty at first. Well, I tried everything imaginable everyday for a month but couldnt get it to play a single note. I chalked it up to my inexperience at the time, feeling utterly devastated that I couldnt get a single note of playback. I decided that home recording was beyond my level of expertise and that it wasnt my forte! The Alesis io2 Express has been sitting on a back shelf since then collecting dust along with my condenser mics, mic stands, and studio monitors. I even put it up for sale on Craigslist but no one bought it.

Hope springs eternal so I just pulled the Alesis out of storage to give it another try 3 years later... maybe a fresh outlook will help.....and this time Im getting advice from an afficionado with a perfectly running home studio. Well, not so fast. This Alesis io2 Express seems incapable of outputting any audio whatsoever.... I even tried changing the DAW from cubase to reaper, played for hours with the audio settings, checked cables, TRS vs. TS vs. mini plug etc etc etc and still NADA. They say time heals all wounds but not in this case! Well, it turns out that the problem hasnt been my lack of expertise but rather the io2 express itself! I happened to notice when I plugged in the USB cable, that ALL of the LED's for sound level lighted up and stayed lit permanently. Thats definitely not the way its supposed to work because theres no audio input yet! I remember the LED lights from 3 years ago and thought they were supposed to be on. So it looks like i received a defective io2 express out of the box! and to make matters worse, there are quite a few others experiencing the same problems with their Alesis io2 Express! Its way too late to get a warranty refund but like...wow. Its hard enough learning to record at home not to mention expensive, without getting sidetracked by bogus equipment right out of the box!

Needless to say, I dont think I'll be purchasing anything made by Alesis any time soon!
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    Welcome back to the forum. Sorry to hear about your experience. Next time for help, please log onto our Support page by logging onto www.alesis.com/support for quick service and support.

    Setting up an audio interface on your computer may seem a little intimidating but with practice and the proper guidance, you'll be up and running in no time. General knowledge of the differences between a TS and TRS cable or Mono and Stereo sound will improve your experience but never a less, next time give Support a call to help you out right away.
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