New DM10 OS 2.0

Back in 2010 a topic called Crowdsourcing DM10 OS 2.0 was started by an Alesis employee over at Many of us DM10 users got excited about the possibility of Alesis updating the DM10 module with a few new features. At that time we were asked by Alesis which features we would like to see included in the upcoming OS 2 update. There were about 20 different features that were requested. (please see the above link for the list). Unfortunately, the idea of an updated DM10 OS 2 just faded away. Alesis never gave a reason why. I'm posting this because I would hope that Alesis would reconsider taking this project off the back burner and make this OS update a reality sooner rather than later. It would make many DM10 owners very happy.

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