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Nitro and ezdrummer 2.

Nitro and ezdrummer 2. I am having an issue with my nitro kit and ez drummer 2. It all set up fine except whe I hit the center of my snare, it makes the bell sound from my ride. When I hit the rim of the snare it makes the snare sound. I have tried everything thing to fix this. Is there any way of mapping the sounds in the module??
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    Thanks for posting.

    This sounds like a potential mapping issue within your software. I would confirm with EZ Drummer that your module is properly mapped out within your software.

    You can follow these steps to change the voice of the pad(s):

    1) Hit the pad whose settings you want to adjust, or press its corresponding Pad Select button.
    2) Pres Voice, then press Page/Select until NUM/H-C appears in the display.
    3) Use the < and > buttons to adjust the value.

    To save your settings:
    1. Press Save.
    2. Use the < and > buttons to select the User Kit slot you want to save it to (25-40).
    3. Press Save again.
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