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nitro mesh kit wont turn on

I have contacted alesis regarding my 2 months old nitro mesh kit 3 times. The kit was not even 2 months old when it suddenly stpooed working. I played the kit for 2 to 3 hours the previous day and the next day the module just wont turn on. Not even a blink. I tried different power outlets and different power adapters. I had sent 3 mails before this but I didn't get contacted by any technical support team member as promised in the automated email reply to my mail. I am really aggravated and disapointed with alesis (i thought its a reliable brand) and will have to take firm steps if my mails go unanswered like before. However, I just wanted to know if anyone else faced the same issue and if there is anything I can do to start playing again (since alesis doesn't seem to care about my problem).
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