Nitro Module MIDI in and USB don't work together

I recently purchased the Alesis Nitro kit, and I believe I found an issue with the hardware. I have a separate trigger module (Trigger IO) that I use to trigger other pads. I run MIDI out from the Trigger IO into the Nitro Module, and it works exactly as I would expect it to. All pads work and play back sounds in the Nitro Module.


If I plug in the Nitro through USB into my computer, the Nitro immediately stops responding to any MIDI coming from the Trigger IO. It continues to work fine for any pads that are hooked up directly to the Nitro Module.

Actually, more specifically, if I hit a pad that is hooked up to the Trigger IO, no sound will come from the Nitro Module (while Nitro Module USB is connected). But when I hit any of the pads that are hooked up to the nitro module, it will play that sound and simultaneously play the sound of all the pads that I hit before. It's as if it's storing up a queue of all the midi data, but not playing it back until I hit one of the pads that is directly connected to the Nitro Module.

I'm not sure if my description makes sense, so here it is from a different angle:

Pad #1 -> Trigger IO -> MIDI out -> MIDI in of Nitro Module.
Pad #2 -> Nitro Module

USB Not Connected: Hit a Pad #1, Nitro Module plays sound. Hit Pad #2, Nitro Module plays a sound. Works exactly as expected.

USB Connected: Hit Pad #1, no sound. Hit Pad #1, plays sound of that pad and also plays the sound that Pad #1 should have triggered.

Is there some setting I have set up incorrectly? Is this a bug?
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