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I’m frustrated

Nitro USB MIDI input stops working after a period of time

I am currently connecting Nitro to computer via USB.

Using Tracktion 7 as DAW and MT-PowerDrumKit for plugin.

Works fine for anywhere between 5min to 1hr and then MIDI signals just stop registering on the DAW.

Module still works fine after the glitch. Pads register hits.

I would have to lcose the DAW and power cycle the module for it to start working again.
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  • Bryce, This is simple actually. You're experiencing low memory on your computer. This is causing the midi sends to stop registering! Depending on what else you've been running, virtual memory and data bottlenecks causing what you've described! Solutions could range from upgrading your RAM to switching to a faster hard drive, OS, etc... Or just changing some virtual memory settings. It will definitely help to start only the software that you will be using with the drums and to not have had any other software running previously.
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