No external kit editor for the SamplePad Pro??!! Really, Alesis?

I just ordered one of these to support some midi-based software I'm developing. I owned a roland TD-12 kit at one point, so not expecting to be impressed by a rubber-pad device, and that's perfectly fine. The problem is one I hadn't even contemplated -- the SamplePad Pro does not come with an external kit builder/librarian. I was dumbfounded. Really, Alesis?! Is this a throwback to my 1980's microverb? Even Akai has their creaky old vyzex editor -- painful to use, but nothing like as bad as staring at a tiny screen and pressing ,^ and v all day long in various combinations. As others have said in other posts - give me the interface spec, and I'll write the %^$*& program myself, and give it to you! Fortunately, for my work, I really don't need it. I'll tweak one of the kits, once and that will be it. If I was shopping for something that I was actually going to spend quality time jamming on, I'd have looked elsewhere.
Bill M.
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