On the multimix 4 usb, when I use the headphones to monitor it loops over to the mic input, even with no mic plugged in.

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  • Hi Tony,

    Thanks for posting. I'm afraid I'm not quite understanding what the issue is. Can you please provide me with some more information? Please also provide your full system specs, as well as the DAW and version you're using. 
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  • I’m annoyed.
    I'm going to guess that he's having the same problem that every other user has posted about on the forum.

    Basically, there is only one audio routing bus inside the mixer. No matter what, the exact same audio that is heard in the headphones is also sent out the main outputs and is also sent out the USB.

    That's not good.

    It is designed very poorly and people who want to do more than just a single track (mono or stereo) will be very disappointing when they find out that the mixer doesn't work the way they expect and need it to.

    Slightly better designed mixers have two audio routing buses in them. One bus goes to the headphones and the main outs while another separate bus goes to the USB. This USB audio bus does not include the audio coming in FROM the computer USB.

    Unfortunately, with the Multimix 4 FX and several other Alesis Mixers the audio being played on the computer will *ALWAYS* be recorded by the computer in addition to the new (desired) audio.

    Do you want to record a guitar, then later on record vocals while listening to the pre-recorded guitar? You can't with this mixer, unless you want your vocals to be recorded with the guitar mixed in.

    Using Audacity (or ANY DAW) you'll end up with two recordings, one of the guitar and one of the guitar and vocals....

    This mixer is absolutely worthless for any sort of multi tracking or overdubbing scenarios.
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