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I’m thankful

One legged drummer hopefilly

This isnt a ? so plz forgive me if I am in the wrong place I recently haf to have my right cut off, and wads told I would never play drums again well let me tell you I used to have a alesis drum set , and if , and when I ever have funds to buy the Alesis Strike Pro kit I am gonna show my docs ,and my family that I am gonna do it again I remember just how good my old Alesis set sounded it is what got me thru this thinking of playing again. I tried to tell my wife it would be the best thing for me as it would give me the exercise I need.One of these days I will play again, and when I do I will put it on youtube under the heading The one legged drummer LOL,again if this isnt the right forum for this I am sorry I justt needed to vent
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