Out of the Box the Strike Multipad Appears to Have a Glitch in Edit: START/STOP Mode

Hi Bill,

(I posted this in another topic, my apologies for the double post, I thought it might be better to create it's own topic)

My Strike Multipad, which I have yet to use live as planned, has had a glitch from the start. I purchased the Strike Multipad in December for the purpose of immediately using it live for my full time music touring show. I want to use the Strike primarily for triggering full stereo backing tracks and loops. Unfortunately due to a glitch where, after loading several wav samples, then entering into the START/END Edit feature, it works for a couple wavs then begins to glitch out and cease from working at all on any other samples. In START/EDIT mode the machine re-draws the wav form over and over. Last night I updated to the new firmware, 1.2, then reset to factory settings and loaded up some 3-4 minute loops. And the START/END feature in the EDIT function worked on 2 to 3 wav files but then began to glitch out again, rendering the START/EDIT feature permanently inoperable. It does NOT happen on the same file. All files are 44.1/16 I have not been able to use the STRIKE Multipad live, as planned, so I had to resort back to using 2 Roland SPD-SX pads. I have attached two photos showing that in edit mode, START/STOP, it draws the wav form all the way then it appears half, then tries to re-draw and over and over that cycle goes without my touching the machine :( I would really love to get the Strike working properly. Any advice? Thank you!
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