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Pattern Lengths Between A and B Should be Independent

I recorded some user patterns. The Intro, Pattern 00, has an A Sub Pattern. I want to have a longer B Sub Pattern. Pattern 00 has a Pattern Length of 5 Bars in 4/4 time. When I try to save B after changing the Pattern Length in Record Setup, the Pattern Length forces the A Sub Pattern of Pattern 00 to also change. They appear to NOT be independent, even though the manual states that the Pattern Length in Record Setup is independent across Sub Patterns of the same Pattern. Am I missing something?
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    They are independent, but they are not independent pattern lengths. From the manual: "Note that a Pattern’s A, B and FILL Sub-Patterns have equal lengths and
    use the same Drum Set".

    The patterns should be the same because the majority of songs use patterns of the same length. If you want a different length pattern, you might try changing a different pattern to be the customized length. You can string different patterns together in a song.
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