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SR18 Pattern or song change via midi would make this instrument perfect and give it years of sales both Computer music and stomp box users

Pattern and song change is the one thing this unit lacks and it means you can not use it in combination with a looper or a sequencer or computer when all you can do is change the drum sounds and play the notes good that, that is. But being able to change the patterns or song would make this unit perfect you could sync up to the looper songs or sequencer songs and still use the excellent drum patterns in this machine

This is not uncommon in drum machines to not be able to do this, but as the SR18 can have firmware updates and it does have the midi in and out and through and a collection of 24 bit samples that have been programmed to perfection. Then please please please consider adding this feature that would make it better than all the others.

I hope you will really consider a firmware update to do this, it is worth the effort in future sales.

And by the way do not expect the DR-880 to do this either.

And the RT-223 funnily enough will change songs but the drum samples are so inferior it just does not compare just for other people who are looking for drum machines.

Keith Slarke
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