Picture of Nitro Kit's power supply/brick

Can someone post a picture of the Nitro Kit's power supply/brick?

Misplaced mine while moving and I have so many others I'm not sure which is the right one. Thanks.
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    Here you go, below are the pics of the one that came with mine, although they may have supplied me a different one than they gave you, one thing you can count on is that you are looking for a 9V output / 500mA and positive polarity (+ on the inner conductor of the barrel as shown in the 3rd image).

    I will say I've used 8V 500mA before and I''ve used 12V -1A by accident and both seemed fine. I'm guessing there's a resistor chip that limits and regulates anything above 9V and probably brings it down to 9V. Either that or I was getting ready to fry my Module. You be the judge :P
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