Please, don't give up on the new Micron's firmware

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I really could use a new Micron firmware.
One thing that I am missing on my Micron (which, contrary to most people, I prefer over the MiniAK, which one of my bandmates has) is the Random order for the MiniAK's arpeggiator.

Since we're playing very loosely inspired 80's synth riffs, the random arpeggiators' are essential to us, and it's really a shame if I have to insert one more piece of hardware (sequencer or whatever) just for that.

I bet the Micron could easily do that!
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  • Hello VV,

    Thanks for posting. Your legacy Alesis Micron was at one point a great eight-voice analog-modeling synthesizer back in its time but it's currently a discontinued product. Updates for discontinued products are rare but I will definitely forward your feedback and input to our Alesis team to overlook. Please make sure you checked the product page under Docs and Downloads for all of the latest updates for your Micron.
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