Pro Tools First Alesis Edition Software with new keyboard?

I registered my keyboard and got some software but Pro Tools is not there and there is no card in the box? Is does say on the box that it comes with it.
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    There should be a link under my products.
    There is no software to download...there is a link to Pro Tools First.
    Here is the link I have under mine.

    It just takes you to Avid Pro Tools First setup page.
    Pro Tools First is FREE,so I don't know what the actual benefit is other than...
    "Please note that additional plugins are an exclusive inMusic promotion for first time Pro Tools | First customers only."
    I have options listed in my Avid account to "purchase monthly subscriptions so I can enjoy the full benefit of Pro Tools"...Peronally...I don't do subscription model software or iLok...a monthly subscription AND an iLok?..I can see the need for one or the other..but both?..had enough with the troubles over the years.

    Here is a link for the procedure...

    Alesis V, VI & Vortex Series - Setup with Pro Tools | First

    I see under the Youtube comments the link is missing under their product page
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