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Mám takový problém. Koupil jsem si ALESIS Surge Mesh Kit a když je zapnu a hraju na ně, tak hrajou potichu i když mám volume naplno. Nevíte někdo co s tím? Děkuji za tipy a rady.
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    I have such a problem. I bought the ALESIS Surge Mesh Kit and when I turn them on and play on them, they play quietly even when I have full volume. Do not you know anyone what? Thank you for tips and advice.

    Hi Lukas,

    Thanks for posting. Sorry you're having issues with your Surge Mesh Kit. 

    Have you tried using a different set of cables with your module? You may need to adjust the sensitivity, threshold, and curve of your pads. Follow these steps below:

    1) Hit the pad whose settings you want to adjust, or press its corresponding Pad Select button. 
    2) Press Utility > Page Select until the desired setting appears in the display:

    • SEN (Pad sensitivity): Controls how responsive a pad is when you hit it. The higher the value, the less forcefully you need to play to generate a loud hit.
    • THR (Pad threshold): Controls how forcefully you have to hit the pad to generate a sound. The higher the value, the harder you have to hit it.
    • CRO (Pad crosstalk): Crosstalk is the unintentional triggering of a pad when an adjacent pad is hit. The higher the value, the less likely the pad will be triggered by crosstalk.
    • CUR (Pad velocity curve): Controls the pad’s dynamic response relative to the force (velocity) of your hit. The curves are shown in the Appendix.
    • R-S (Pad rim sensitivity): Controls how responsive a pad’s rim is when you hit it.
    • S-S (Hi-Hat “splash” sensitivity): Controls how responsive the hi-hat “splash” effect is when you hit the pedal. (To create this sound, tap your foot on the pedal but lift it up immediately instead of leaving your foot down.)
    • LOC (Local Mode): See MIDI Settings for more information.
    • GM (General MIDI Mode): See MIDI Settings for more information.

    3. Use the < and > buttons to adjust the value.

    To save the settings, press Save. Otherwise, they will return to their default settings when you power the module off.

    Let me know how this goes.
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