Problem with a samplepad

hello. I have a problem with my Alesis samplepad. 2 pieces of a pad have run out of functioning. When I play on these disfunctioned pieces of the pad, they do not react at all. How can i figure it out. Im coming frpm Armenia, probably there is no opportunity to find a whale on this. Another question is that, long before that I had problems with sensitivity. by playing on 2-3 pieces for a long time, despite the changing the sense to 4(that's the part my pad used to work somehow "properly") it was still not good. I was playing onto 2-3 pieces and the other pieces which were left untouchable at a certain moment were reacting too. How can I manage all this guys? The first problem is essential the second one is preferable to be fixed. Thanks a bunch. Hope that somebody will help me out. Greetings from Yerevan, Armenia.
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