Experiencing crosstalk and calibration errors with my DM10 module

I bought the drum from a guy who died, his sister was selling for a small price...

I brang the drum inside my car and the road was a little shit, so, sometimes as bumping and the drums was shaking back.

The first 2 days I played, was ok...But after, also after I updated the firmware, I started to have crosstalk and calibration error.

But the last 2 days were the worst...I was playing, and a big noise happened, like every pad in the drums played at the same time...With a calibrationg error showing after.

I opened the module to see if was everything looking ok...

There are two boards, one above and one below...Below the above board, there is a small golden DISC, plugged with 2 little cables (red and black)...And this disc was suppost to be attached on a white circle...But the glue was dry, and the disc is released, only a part is touching the white circle.

So, my problem is just the disc or something else?

The cables and power supply are ok. I don't think that if I reboot the system it will solve the problem.

If someone who have had seen this problem before...
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