I’m frustrated

Q25 powering up but not recognized by Mac

When I first got my Q25, it seemed to work brilliantly with my Mac, in Garage Band and MuseScore. Now, I can't get my Mac to recognize it at all. I saw it in the Audio/Midi setup, but it was grayed, so I removed it and attempted to re-add manually. Still not recognized. I figured when I plug it in via USB, it'd just do its thing, like it used to.

The device powers on. I see the button lights flash, and I can even toggle the "Midi/Select" button on and off, but that's as far as it gets. Is it dead? I know it's inexpensive, but I wouldn't have expected it to just crap out...

Can you give me other things to try? To rule out? Are there parts I can replace to make it work again, without just trashing the thing?

Thanks in advance.

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