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Q49 midi keyboard not connecting to Mac OSX.

I think I've tried it all... but my mac just won't acknowledge that I'm plugging the midi keyboard via USB into the computer. It was working just fine in Logic pro, and then I decided to plug in a sustain pedal because I've never used one yet, and then NOTHING... mac said that there was no midi input and I've been trying to get it back since.
What I have tried so far: adjusting the connection of the USB, trying a different USB, rebooting the device in the audio midi setup in settings but it just won't even show up there anymore, restarting the computer, and nothing has worked for me.
I guess the only thing I can think of is somethings wrong with the keyboard itself or the port when I plugged in a sustain pedal? But could someone please give me some help on this if they know what's going on?
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