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I need help getting soudn through my QNeo Voice Synth and my IO Dock II

I seem to be having trouble getting sound through QNeo Voice Synth (on my iPad 4th generation) while using my IO Dock II. Voice synth is getting an input from my microphone, I just can't seem to get it to give an output, can anyone help me with this?
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    Thanks for posting. Ensure that you have the latest version of the app installed which is version v3.3. Ensure that you use 2 standard 1/4" TRS cables to connect these outputs to a speaker or amplifier system. The level of these outputs is controlled by the MAIN knob. Turn "ON" the DIRECT MONITORING SWITCH to listen directly to your input sources without any processing from the iPad.

    As for your app, check the following:

    1) Voice Synth needs access to your microphone and you need to give your permission in iOS. Check your iPad, iPhone or iPod “Settings/Privacy/Microphone” that Voice Synth actually has permission to access the microphone

    2) Go to the “ROUT” panel and please check the following settings:
    • Input “GAIN” and Output “VOLUME” must be higher than 0
    • Make sure the Input and Output “MUTE” buttons are turned off
    • Lower the “NOISE GATE” arrows to allow sound to pass through

    If you continue to not hear any sound, please reboot your device and try Voice Synth again.

    **Refer to the apps FAQ to further assist you with the app: http://www.voicesynth.com/support/
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