QX-61 not configured

I replaced my old midi-keyboard with a QX-61.
I used the USB (direct to my PC) and Windows loaded the QX drivers, ok.
But when I open Nuendo, there is not any midi input signal, no response at all, and QX-61 doesn’t show up at all in the “midi device set-up” configuration (as if Nuendo doesn’t “see” it at all).
I tried different USB ports, reboot, re-launch etc. but nothing changed.
I use Windows XP (sp2) and an older version of Nuendo (3.2) but all work fine, and the previous midi-keyboard was working fine (also via USB).
I would much appreciate if you could give some help, thank you!
*p.s. 1 In the Device Manager, it says “the device is working properly” and the driver version says Microsoft 5.1.2535.0
*p.s.2 QX-61 is “factory reset” and at the display “Zone 1” is flashing. (is there maybe something that I have to do first in the keyboard?)
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