QX25 disconnects and need to reboot PC to reconnect

On Dec. 16 I posted a question and thought it was resolved. The topic is now closed, so I post this new question.

Previously, I had an issue with the QX25 not being able to connect at all, when it had worked fine before. I did discover that there was an issue in Windows with the "UPnP Device Host" Service that I addressed. The keyboard was not loading, because the service would not turn on.

The issue continues, where the keyboard will eventually lose connection with my main DAW and any other stand-alone instruments. So, I know it's not just an issue with my DAW, Studio One V2.

I have used MIDI-OX to diagnose whether or not the MIDI messages are going through. When the keyboard does not connect, I get a MIDI-OX message that says: "There is not enough memory available for this task......"

I know that I have more than enough memory. I quit all applications and still get the error. The only solution at this point always seems to be to restart the computer. That is very frustrating to have to reboot, because this happens quite often now.

Are there any solutions, or is the keyboard just fried and needs to be tossed out and replaced? Thanks.
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