QX49 Pads ,Knobs,Transport wont Work

Hey i was looking for a solution over here for a while and cant seem to find anything but a post of someone having the same problem unsolved.
Qx49 not working properly.


Our Problems right now are

Pads doesnt light
Transport Buttons not working or giving any CC , MiDI info over the LCD screen , the same happens to the knob encoders not working or showing anything on the screen.

Sliders , Fine. Advanced and menu Buttons OK. Keyboard ok. the only problems are transport, pads and Knobs.
ive got windows 10

and the usb /driver troubleshooting was unsuccesful for me.

thanks in advance.
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  • Hi Antonio,

    Thanks for posting! I'll be happy to help!

    Have you tried multiple USB ports and cables with your QX49? Let's run a test to make sure your QX49 is sending MIDI data properly. These programs will let you know if and what MIDI information the controller is sending.

    Additionally, please go through this very helpful troubleshooting guide that will discuss how to troubleshoot the USB connection: Alesis Q and QX Series - USB Connection Troubleshooting

    Let me know how this works out for you!
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