I’m frustrated

Really frustrated with Alesis Q49 keyboard, please help

I recently e-mailed my question to Alesis but they haven't gotten back to me yet, so I thought I would just ask it here.
Earlier this year I registered my Alesis Q49 MIDI keyboard. On the Alesis website in the "My Products" page, there is a link to download this software called Pro Tools. After double-checking to see if I had the correct version of Pro Tools, I came across Avid telling me I hadn't finished making my profile yet, and that I needed to enter in my activation code for Pro Tools - but I don't even have an activation code for Pro Tools, and instead I have an activation code for "Ableton Live Lite 9", which is an entirely different software than the one that Alesis instructed me to download, which was Pro Tools.
What is even more confusing is that I stumbled upon this site as well: http://apps.avid.com/activate/us/ - and in their list of Avid Software, "Ableton Live Lite" isn't even on that list. When I enter "Ableton Live" into the search bar on Alesis' website, nothing happens.
I am really confused by this and help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

- India
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