Recital Pro line out affected by volume knob + L&R Swapped?


I recently plugged my Recital Pro via Line Out to my computer for the first time and noticed two things:

First, left and right appear to be swapped, so that the higher octaves come from the left and the lower octaves come from the right. I'm not sure if this is an Alesis problem or if the line in on my computer is wonky.

Second, and most importantly, the line out is affected by the master volume knob. This is not cool at all! Line out should be a constant volume and I shouldn't have to worry about clipping or blowing out my ears if I want my recording to be loud enough to be heard.

Is this a known issue/something that can be fixed with a firmware update? Are there firmware updates past 1.01?
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  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Any updates that will be available for the Recital Pro will be posted on the product page.  Additionally, the master volume will control the volume across the entire keyboard, including the line outs. 

    Are you connecting your keyboard to an external audio interface that's connected to your computer? If so, can you also confirm that the keyboard and interface (if you're using one) are connected and powered on prior to launching your software?
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